Reverend Bizarre - Teutonic Witch 12" 2021


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Black vinyl, single-sided 12″, hot-foil stamped jacket + insert

The first-ever vinyl edition of Reverend Bizarre’s 2007 single Teutonic Witch.

Svart Records are proud to present vinyl editions of Reverend Bizarre's two epic, lengthy CD singles, Slave of Satan and Teutonic Witch. These full unedited versions, not available on any album released in this form, are the very first time that these unholy tomes have been committed to vinyl and should have collectors and completists over the moon and back. Both singles come with hot foil stamped deluxe jackets and inserts. With cover art designed and insert expanded by Albert Witchfinder, including the full text of the satanic sermon.

Side A :
Teutonic Witch

Release Date: 19 Nov 2021

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