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CD 2019

Paal Flaata is known for his extraordinarily beautiful voice and magnificent vocal performance. For 10 years Paal Flaata fronted the band Midnight Choir, and by virtue of his vocal prowess, he put the group on the European map. During those years, Midnight Choir managed to release five albums + two compilation albums. They received Spelleman's prize for "Amsterdam Stranded" in 1998.

1. Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria 
2. Angel Of The Morning  
3. And I Love You So 
4. I Can Make It With You 
5. Weaker Moments 
6. This Darkest Day 
7. You Didn’t Get Here Last Night 
8. Write A Song A Song 
9. The Future’s Not What It Used To Be
10. If I Stop Loving You 
11. Come Tomorrow  
12. An American Trilogy
13. We Had It All 
14. Feel Like Going Home 

Release Date: 28 Nov 2019

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