Marias - Cinema LP 2021


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Vinyl LP pressing. The Marías quickly grew a passionate local following, prompting the Los Angeles Times to declare them "the perfect indie band for L.A. kids." With sold out shows and rapidly increasing national attention, the band made an auspicious debut with their twin EPs: Superclean, Vol. I and Vol II. Cinema which features tracks in English and Spanish - draws inspiration from the classic films and directors that María and Josh grew up watching, including Pedro Almodóvar and Wes Anderson. The title also pays homage to how the band first began creating music in the first place.

1 Just a Feeling
2 Calling U Back
3 Hush
4 All I Really Want Is You
5 Hable Con Ella
6 Little By Little
7 Heavy
8 Un Millón
9 Spin Me Around
10 The Mice Inside the Room
11 To Say Hello
12 Fog As a Bullet
13 Talk to Her

Release Date: 25 jUNE 2021

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