COLDPLAY - Live in Buenos Aires / Live In Sao Paulo / A Head Full Of Dreams (Film) 2CD+DVD 2018


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The Live In Buenos Aires album was recorded on November 15, 2017 - the final night of the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour. The 24 track audio set marks the first time that a Coldplay concert has been released in its entirety.

The accompanying two hour concert film Live In São Paulo was filmed a week earlier on November 8, 2017.

The A Head Full Of Dreams Tour has been confirmed as the third biggest of all time, having played to more than 5.5 million fans across the world.

The combined live album / live concert film release - also known as the Butterfly package - is completed by the new A Head Full Of Dreams documentary film, which charts Coldplay's colorful 20 year history.

Live In Buenos Aires and Live In São Paulo feature hits and fan favorites from all seven of the band's Number 1 studio albums.

Disc: 1
1. A Head Full Of Dreams (Live In Buenos Aires)
2. Yellow (Live In Buenos Aires)
3. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Live In Buenos Aires)
4. The Scientist (Live In Buenos Aires)
5. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Live In Buenos Aires)
6. Paradise (Live In Buenos Aires)
7. Always In My Head (Live In Buenos Aires)
8. Magic (Live In Buenos Aires)
9. Everglow (Live In Buenos Aires)
10. Clocks (Live In Buenos Aires)
11. Midnight (Live In Buenos Aires)
12. Charlie Brown (Live In Buenos Aires)

Disc: 2
1. Hymn For The Weekend (Live In Buenos Aires)
2. Fix You (Live In Buenos Aires)
3. Viva La Vida (Live In Buenos Aires)
4. Adventure Of A Lifetime (Live In Buenos Aires)
5. De Musica Ligera (Live In Buenos Aires)
6. Colour Spectrum (Live In Buenos Aires)
7. In My Place (Live In Buenos Aires)
8. Amor Argentina (Live In Buenos Aires)
9. Something Just Like This (Live In Buenos Aires)
10. A Sky Full Of Stars (Live In Buenos Aires)
11. Up&Up (Live In Buenos Aires)
12. End Credits (Live In Buenos Aires)

Disc: 3
1. A Head Full Of Dreams (Live at Allianz Parque, Sao Paulo, 2017)
2. Yellow (Live in Sao Paulo)
3. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Live in Sao Paulo)
4. The Scientist (Live in Sao Paulo)
5. Birds (Live in Sao Paulo)
6. Paradise (Live at Allianz Parque, Sao Paulo, 2017)
7. Always In My Head (Live in Sao Paulo)
8. Magic (Live in Sao Paulo)
9. Everglow (Live in Sao Paulo)
10. Clocks (Live in Sao Paulo)
11. Midnight (Live in Sao Paulo)
12. Charlie Brown (Live in Sao Paulo)
13. Hymn For The Weekend (Live in Sao Paulo)
14. Fix You (Live at Allianz Parque, Sao Paulo, 2017)
15. Viva La Vida (Live at Allianz Parque, Sao Paulo, 2017)
16. Adventure Of A Lifetime (Live in Sao Paulo)
17. Colour Spectrum (Live in Sao Paulo)
18. Us Against The World (Live in Sao Paulo)
19. In My Place (Live in Sao Paulo)
20. Paulistanos (Live in Sao Paulo)
21. Something Just Like This (Live in Sao Paulo)
22. A Sky Full Of Stars (Live in Sao Paulo)
23. Up&Up (Live in Sao Paulo)
24. End Credits (Live in Sao Paulo)

Disc: 4

Release Date: 7 Dec 2018

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