LIAM GALLAGHER - Down By The River Thames 2LP 2022


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Colored Vinyl, Orange

December 2020, during a period of COVID-19-related lockdown in the UK, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher performed a livestream concert from a barge floating down the Thames. As Liam himself commented: "So here it is, the gig they said we could never pull off! As we were in lockdown, bored and depressed, rock 'n' roll came to save the day once again." Gallagher has also described the set as "biblical" and "celestial."

Disc 1 
1 Hello (Live from Down By the River Thames)
2 Wall of Glass
3 Halo
4 Shockwave

Disc 2 
1 Columbia
2 Fade Away
3 Why Me? Why Not
4 Greedy Soul

Disc 3 
1 The River
2 Once
3 Morning Glory
4 Cigarettes & Alcohol

Disc 4 
1 Headshrinker
2 Supersonic
3 Champagne Supernova
4 All You're Dreaming of

Release Date: 27 May 2022

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