KAE TEMPEST - The Line Is A Curve (Deluxe) CD 2022


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Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics, Deluxe Edition

'The Line Is A Curve' is about letting go. The core of the record is that the pressures we face do not always have to be heavy burdens, but can be reframed; the more pressure a person is under, the greater the possibility for release. The album plays like a chronicle of pressures - the mind-numbing pursuit of a comfortable life, the eternal striving for more, the pressures of the city, the country, the times. The pressures of maintaining relationships, of battling illness, addiction, poor mental health, the vacuous life of our online selves. As we move through these chronicles though, the mood brightens. The musicality becomes more expansive as the lyrical horizon broadens and we glimpse coastlines, high streets, scrap yards, train stations in the rain; the entire album begins to let go.

1 Priority Boredom
2 I Saw Light
3 Nothing to Prove
4 No Prizes
5 Salt Coast
6 Don't You Ever
7 These a the Days
8 Smoking
9 Water in the Rain
10 Move
11 More Pressure
12 Grace

Release Date: 8 Apr 2022

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