JACK WHITE - Southern Songbook CD 2003


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This albums historic significance is that it is the last recording by the amazing Carter Sisters, Helen, and Anita, minus June. Because of that, this album is much more in line with the alternative/indie country-roots-rock movement than the "I own a new gas-guzzling off-road pick-up truck even though I work in an office and live in the suburbs" Contemporary Country.

It doesn't rock out like the White Stripes, or devastate you like a Johnny Cash cover can. It is however worth checking out, for a taste of the origins of Rock and Blues and so on., and the sheer beauty of the Carter Sisters.

Curiously enough, "Jacky Jack" is supposedly a huge Brian Jones fan, so rock is influencing country right back.

1 Old Son
2 Caney Ridge
3 If I Didn't Love You
4 Mary's Heart, Martha's Hand
5 White Picket Fence
6 For Today
7 Don't Ride Above Your Razin'
8 Miss Meridian
9 Whistle Down the Wind
10 Picture of Jesus
11 On That Cloud Up Ahead
12 Southern Heart

Release Date: 11 Apr 2013

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