Gorillaz - D-Sides LP 2020


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180 Gram Vinyl

1. 68 State
2. People
3. Hongkongaton
4. We Are Happy Landfill
5. Hong Kong
6. Highway (Under Construction)
7. Rockit
8. Bill Murray
9. The Swagga
10. Murdoc Is God
11. Spitting Out the Demons
12. Don't Get Lost in Heaven [Original Demo]
13. Stop the Dams
14. Dare [DFA Remix]
15. Feel Good Inc. [Stanton Warriors Remix]
16. Kids With Guns [Jamie T's Turns to Monsters Mix]
17. Dare [Soulwax Remix]
18. Kids With Guns [Hot Chip Remix]
19. El Mañana [Metronomy Remix]
20. Dare [Junior Sanchez Remix]
21. Dirty Harry [Chinese New Year Remix]
22. Kids With Guns [Quiet Village Remix]

Release Date: 29 Aug 2020

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