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Conchita is the debut studio album by Austrian pop singer Conchita Wurst. It was released on 15 May 2015 by Sony Music Austria. The album includes the singles "Heroes", "You Are Unstoppable" and her Eurovision Song Contest 2014 winning song, "Rise Like a Phoenix". Conchita incorporates a lot of different elements from multiple music genres into Conchita Wurst's typical baroque pop sound. Especially different electronic genres can be found on Conchita with influences from dubstep to house, in general, like on Out Of Body Experience or on Somebody To Love. For example, You Are Unstoppable and Up for Air are drawing heavily from electro-pop while the fourth single Colour Of Your Love is including club music in its composition. With Firestorm Wurst is again relating to the house but also to Europop. In contrast Where Have All The Good Men Gone represents a quick swing pop song and classic pop ballads are detectable, too. Although the album is strongly influenced by electronic music baroque pop still stays the commanding genre.

1. You Are Unstoppable 3:30
2. Up for Air Put That Fire Out 3:42
3. Colours of Your Love 3:34
4. Out of Body Experience 3:41
5. Where Have All the Good Men Gone 3:09
6. Somebody to Love 4:10
7. Firestorm 3:43
8. Pure 3:58
9. Heroes 3:43
10. Rise Like a Phoenix 3:04
11. Other Side of Me 3:41

Release Date: 26 May 2015

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