40 WATT SUN - A Perfect Light 2CD 2022


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40 Watt Sun returns with Perfect Light; the third studio album created by Patrick Walker under the moniker. The expertly crafted, personal songs range from sparse, unaccompanied voice and guitar, through gently layered instrumentation featuring piano and delicate brush work, to moments more reflective of the warm, subtle overdrive of the band's previous album, Wider than the Sky (2016). Like Patrick's best work, the songs quietly build with emotion, and ache with a darkness and melancholy beauty. Perfect Light is the first 40 Watt Sun album created without a full, formal band structure. Patrick enlisted an array of accomplished musicians to fulfil his vision for the album, including, among others, Andrew Prestidge and Roland Scriver (The Osiris Club), Ajit Gill (Vertaal), Lorraine Rath (Amber Asylum/Worm Ouroboros), and pianist/composer Chris Redman.

Disc: 1
1 Reveal
2 Behind My Eyes
3 Until
4 Colours
5 The Spaces In Between
6 Raise Me Up
7 A Thousand Miles
8 Closure

Disc: 2
1 Colours
2 Carry Me Home
3 Marazion
4 Restless

Release Date: 4 Mar 2022

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