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CD 2017

2017 release. When singer Leonard Cohen died in November 2016, the whole world mourned. He was a much-loved Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, novelist and painter, whose work explored religion, politics, isolations, sexuality and personal relationships. He started writing poetry in the early 1950s and his first published book of poetry came out in 1956. He is probably best known for the music he started to record in the 1960s, but this collection of early recordings provides a fascinating insight into his modus operandi. Available here, for the first time, the listener is granted a rare glimpse into his creative process many years before he achieved fame and international respect.

1. For Wilf and His House
2. Beside the Shepherd
3. Poem
4. Lovers
5. The Sparrows
6. Warning
7. Les Vieus
8. Elegy

Release Date: 15 Dec 2017


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