SEA POWER - Everything Was Forever 2LP 2022


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Their first album since they dropped the ‘British’ from their name, ‘Everything Was Forever’ is the seventh formal studio album from English indie-rockers Sea Power. Crowdfunded by their loyal fanbase, the band’s idiosyncratic lyrical concerns and art-rock style are as reliably entertaining as their first works in the early Noughties - singles 'Two Fingers' and 'Folly' already rank among some of their greatest songs.

1. Scaring at the Sky
2. Transmitter
3. Two Fingers
4. Fire Escape in the Sea
5. Doppelgänger
6. Fear Eats the Soul
7. Folly
8. Green Goddess
9. Lakeland Echo
10. We Only Want to Make You Happy

Release Date: 3 Nov 2022

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