JEAN-MICHEL BLAIS - aubades LP 2022


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aubades, the new album from Jean-Michel Blais, marks the Montreal-born artist's transition from pianist to composer as he writes for an ensemble for the first time in his career. Written during the pandemic and following a breakup, Blais has used his distinctive musical voice to create a defiantly uplifting record with glistening instrumental textures and warm major tonalities. The title refers to the "aubade," a Middle Ages morning love song about lovers separating at daybreak: a dawn serenade.

Side A:

  1. Murmures
  2. Passepied
  3. nina
  4. flaneur
  5. ouessant
  6. if you build it, they will come

Side B:

  1. amour
  2. yanni
  3. absinthe
  4. carrousel
  5. doux

Release Date: 8 Apr 2022

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