GHOSTLY KISSES - Heaven Wait LP 2022


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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Ghostly Kisses is the work of French-Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Margaux Sauvé. Playing the violin since the age of 5, it was almost 20 years later that she began to write and sing her first songs. Now working with Louis-Étienne Santais - composer, producer, and pianist - together they create Ghostly Kisses' haunting yet ultimately soothing sound; beautiful compositions wrapped around Margaux's delicate vocal. Ghostly Kisses has spent the last year working on her first full-length album. A powerful accumulation of all that's come before, Heaven, Wait is an intricate, moving body of work.

1. Heartbeat
2. Heaven, Wait
3. Don't Know Why
4. Blackbirds
5. A Different Kind of Love
6. Clay
7. Carry Me
8. Play Dead
9. Green Book
10. Your Heart is Gold

Release Date: 25 Feb 2022

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