Bo Burnham - Inside (The Songs) CD 2021


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Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics, Digipack Packaging

Critically acclaimed soundtrack to Bo Burnham's Netflix musical comedy special INSIDE. 19 track CD features all the music from INSIDE, including "All Eyes On Me", "Welcome To The Internet" and "Bezos I". Shot and performed by Bo Burnham, alone, over the course of a very unusual year. Nominated for 6 Emmys including best variety series, writing, directing, song, musical direction, and editing.

1 Content
2 Comedy
3 Facetime with My Mom (Tonight)
4 How the World Works
5 White Woman's Instagram
6 Unpaid Intern
7 Bezos I
8 Sexting
9 Look Who's Inside Again
10 Problematic
11 30
12 Don't Wanna Know
13 Shit
14 All Time Low
15 Welcome to the Internet
16 Bezos II
17 That Funny Feeling
18 All Eyes on Me
19 Goodbye
20 Any Day Now

Release Date: 17 Dec 2021

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