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Over the last two decades, Shinedown have cemented their status as one of the most vital and forward-thinking powerhouses in modern rock. Their most ambitious and masterfully realized work to date, Planet Zerois a high-concept, ultra-vivid, viscerally charged saga. A critical yet optimistic look at the fractures and frays of a society that has undergone many challenges in the last few years, the album is part social commentary and part in-depth exploration of the human psyche. Produced by Shinedown's Eric Bass and recorded at Bass' newly built Big Animal Studio in South Carolina, Planet Zero matches it's immersive world-building and takedown of authoritarianism with a deliberately unvarnished sound, and the album is spliced with interludes featuring Cyren, an insidious and unsettling robot character that appears throughout the Planet Zero journey.

1 No Sleep Tonight
2 Planet Zero
3 Welcome
4 Dysfunctional You
5 Dead Don't Die
6 Standardized Experiences
7 America Burning
8 Do Not Panic
9 A Symptom of Being Human
10 Hope
11 A More Utopian Future
12 Clueless and Dramatic
13 Sure Is Fun
14 Daylight
15 This Is a Warning
16 The Saints of Violence and Innuendo
17 Army of the Underappreciated
18 Delete
19 What You Wanted

 Release Date: 1 July 2022

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