FEEDER - Torpedo CD 2022


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The celebrated, multi-platinum-selling, rock band Feeder hit a resurgent run of three consecutive UK Top 10 albums with 2016's 'All Bright Electric', the 2017 'Best Of', and 2019's 'Tallulah'. Released in 2022, 'Torpedo' is their eleventh studio album. The album signals a band refreshed, inspired by the new and not resting on the strength of their considerable successes. Like so much of the band's high points, 'Torpedo' is a communal experience that considers the processes through which we deal with what's in front of us. Musically it acts a connecting thread between all they've journeyed through to date, and all they can still become in the future.

1. The Healing
2. Torpedo
3. When It All Breaks Down
4. Magpie
5. Hide and Seek
6. Decompress
7. Wall of Silence
8. Slow Strings
9. Born to Love You
10. Submission
11. Desperate Hour

Release Date: 18 Mar 2022

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