CLARA LI - If You Could Believe (Austria) MQA-CD 2022


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Clara Li was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada. She loved listening to pop songs on the radio and her family's high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) system since she was young, and it inspired her to compose music and write lyrics whenever she had spare time. She also played the piano, flute and clarinet and was invited to sing solo for school productions, singing competitions and charity events throughout high school and university. While she indulged in her musical versatility, deep down, Clara knew that singing was her true calling and ultimate passion.

After a long hiatus focusing on her career and family, Clara rekindled her zeal for music, embarking on a decade-long journey in pursuit of her dream to produce her own album. Clara is writing a new musical chapter with her debut Hi-Fi Pop album, "If You Could Believe", a re-imagination of some of her favorite and greatest pop songs from the past few decades. This album is a soulful reach out to discerning audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Collaborating with Hong Kong's much-revered producer, Andrew Tuason, Clara was inspired to add her personal flavor to the maestro’s eclectic arrangement of these timeless hits.

Clara is also immensely honored to have worked with the late legendary multi-Grammy Award-winner Al Schmitt and his longtime friend and esteemed producer/engineer, Niko Bolas. These legends captured the distinctive textures in Clara's voice through the elusive sound they engineered. The album, which turned out to be Al's last project, was finally brought to life with the mastering engineer Eric Boulanger's magical finishing touches. At last, Clara’s vision of producing an album with the highest sonic quality came to fruition. By combining the essence of both audiophile and pop music, this album is presented and differentiated as “HiFi Pop”.

The final and title track “If You Could Believe” is an original song with deep personal resonance for Clara. It sings the inner voice that has helped her gather the strength and courage to realize her lifelong dream of making music. This song is a love letter to anyone who dares to dream — follow your passion and always believe in yourself.

“Amid all the fears and insecurities that hold us back, all we need is to find confidence and conviction to breathe life into the fire within us. Once ignited, that inner fire will grow, and any obstacle will melt away. Only, If You Could Believe.“

1 True 
2 Breathe 
3 Superstar 
4 One on One 
5 Just the Way You Are 
6 Every Breath You Take 
7 When I Was Your Man 
8 Never Gonna Give You Up 
9 I Can't Make You Love Me 
10 Take My Breath Away
11 If You Could Believe

Release Date: 3 Aug 2022

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