Fleetwood Mac - Live At The Boston Party 4LP 2020


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By 1970 Fleetwood Mac were immensely popular, touring constantly both at home and abroad. In February 1970 the band rocked Boston's legendary Boston Tea Party playing three amazing concerts there for three consecutive nights in a row. The performances were recorded in hopes of releasing a live album but front man Peter Green soon announced his decision to quit the band and the masters were promptly shelved. These recordings - eventually trickled out onto a few albums during the 1980s but with consistently poor sound quality - were finally remixed at SRT studios in 1998. First time on vinyl, a four-LP "book style" collector's edition.

1. Black Magic Woman
2. Jumping At Shadows
3. Like It This Way
4. Only You
5. Madison Blues
6. Rattlesnake Shake
7. I Can’t Hold Out
8. Got To Move
9. The Green Manalishi
10. World In Harmony
11. Oh Well
12. Stranger Blues
13. Red Hot Mama
14. Teenage Darling
15. Keep A-Knocking
16. Rattlesnake Shake
17. Loving Kind
18. Jenny Jenny
19. Encore Jam
20. Sandy Mary
21. If You Let Me Love You
22. Coming Your Way
23. The Sun Is Shining
24. Oh Baby
25. Tiger
26. Great Balls Of Fire
27. Tutti Frutti
28. On We Jam

Release Date: 6 Nov 2020

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